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4th Classic Car
Dirndl-Drive Challenge

by WomenClassicDrivers

Let’ take a ride with a twist / for all ladies and gentlemen

Pick a day: Sept 16 – 30, 2023

We take a ride in traditional attire
We invite all classic car enthusiasts (all ladies & gentlemen) to join the fun. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide.

The challenge – quick info
Taking part is free of charge: Pick a day between September 16th and 30th, 2023 to take your own Oktoberfest-inspired ride in your classic car or bike. Drive with friends, some club-mates or just yourself and your favourite vehicle. Are you already scheduled to attend an event? … then simply drive along in ‘Lederhosen’ & Dirndl or your local traditional look.
Send your photos or video of your ride to the Dirndl Drive Committee. We’ll share all rides online and award prizes in various fun categories.

Classic vehicles 25+ All classic cars, British-cars, US-cars, historic-sports-cars, trucks, bikes or scooter age 25+


How to join

Take a ride and share your memories in Oktoberfest spirit

When: pick a day between September 16th and 30th, 2023. The submission deadline is Sept 30th.

Where In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide

All. Ladies and gentlemen – yupp: also the boys!

Vehicles 25+  All classic cars, British-cars, US-cars, historic-sports-cars, trucks, bikes and scooters age 25+

Dress code is traditional
Whether in a dirndl-dress for the ladies or with a pair of leather trousers or simply a checked shirt for the gentlemen. Take inspiration from how you usually would visit the Oktoberfest. Or take your local dress code  to choose your outfit. Adapt your look to your car – by region or era. And above all: join how you like and have fun!

Everywhere together
We drive in different countries and places at the same time. The Dirndl-Drive-Challenge is not a central single classic car event in only one location. Rather, it is a participatory event (= challenge).  So organize your own tour where you live or would like to drive. We share the memories online and take part in the driving fun of others. Get creative!

Fun task Take as many girls as possible in a dirndl-dress along! Whether in the drivers’s seat or as passengers.

Social Media
We share all rides via Facebook, Instagram and on the WODI-Homepage. We use: #dirndldrive

Share your photo or video
During or after your ride, share your ‘evidence’ with the Dirndl Drive Committee. Please include your assigned participant number. If you would like to be linked by us on social media, please send us your FB and Insta names and links.

Take on a prize
Among all groups and drivers we will award a prize for the most beautiful ‘outfit-automobile-combination’ and a few other fun categories. It’s all about honour and possibly online fame.

You are being challenged by the ‘Women-Classic-Drivers’
The Dirndl-Drive-Challenge is organized by the Women-Classic-Drivers (WODI-Ladies). Here you can find out more about who we are and what we like to do. WODI on Facebook. WODI on Instagram. You can find all WODI social media info here.

Invite others
Invite others to join the Dirndl-Drive action and share the homepage:


The challenge is free of charge.
This is how you get your participation number: Register with us at least two days before your planned ride. Write us where you plan to ride (region or city), your contact name & email and your team or club name if you have one. Write us via email, sms/WA or contact form.

> Dirndl-Drive-Info as PDF

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The Dirndl-Drive Commitee

Orga-Team: Jessica & Lisa

mob +49 (0)163 – 56 16 999

Dirndl-Drive 2021 by Women Classic Drivers Initiative (WODI)

Idea & Origin
The Oktoberfest is loved and appreciated by many. People all over the world have been celebrating it for decades. In March of last year everything started to shut down. The Oktoberfest in Munich was also cancelled. We avoided contact with anyone else. That’s when we missed also the Oktoberfest and so we arranged to go on an Oktoberfest-inspired drive. Separated in our cars, it was possible to go on tour in common “spirit”. The Classic Car Dirndl-Drive was born. With the concept of many individual small drives instead of one big event. We are looking forward to driving with you again this year!

The challenge is to share photos or videos of a ride in traditional attire. The rides undertaken by the riders themselves are the sole responsibility of the riders themselves in terms of planning and execution, in the sense that private rides are undertaken. In the case of rides by clubs within the framework of club events, the respective club is responsible. The DDC organizers do not plan tours or rides. The challenge organization on the part of the WODI ladies is to view the contributions of photos/videos of the rides or participating clubs and share those memories online. As always: All are requested to do their rides according to the rules in their respective country as well as to observe the current Corona rules for distancing and especially for gatherings on a daily basis. Also, the local traffic rules are to be obeyed. (Everything as always). We look forward to great memories together!
We reserve the right to make a selection of the entries shown online, in the case of several pictures/videos of a participating team. Same said selection will take place in the case of entries that do not fit the theme. The legal process is excluded.

Data protection guidelines: the data protection guidelines of Info: “Data protection” apply to all who take part in the challenge.

Classic Car Dirndl-Drive
Challenge 2020

Winners of the past years

  • Prize for the ‘Biggest and most colorful Dirndl Drive’:  VW Oldtimer Club Scharnstein Austria
  • Prize for the ‘Most Beautiful Automobile Costume Ensemble’: Melanie Fischer with the Dirndl Drive Frankfurt
  • Prize for the ‘Most Extraordinary Ride: